1. Another great post Sherran! Really resonated with me and my inner child with my certificates and gold stickers not really translating to adult reality. Like you say this is a process and we have to remind ourselves to be brave and keep learning about ourselves, but take the time we need to process our feedback – good or constructive.

  2. This was really wonderful thank you for writing. I once sat on an editors feedback, for four months before opening the email. I was impressed how long I could avoid it for!

  3. I love it – love it – love it. I shared this with my doctoral candidates in the weekly announcements. I did it not to be self-serving.
    Yah, I did. Thank you!

    • Thank you 🙂 I think the more we share our own struggles and ways of managing these with our candidates, the more human we are as supervisors and the more we enable them to share their own struggles and work through them. No one has this academia thing all worked out, but too many PhD students think they’re alone in struggling.

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